The Everything Get Ready for Baby Book by Katina Z. Jones


Table of Contents

Chapter One: Babies in History

Chapter Two: Your Pregnancy Journal (Months 1-9 and the "Big Day")

Chapter Three: Astrology, Numerology, Folklore, and Myths

Chapter Four: Preparing the Nest

Chapter Five: Naming the Baby (from Narrowing Down Your Choices to Family Ties (Junior, Senior, III, Etc.), to Trend Towards Ethnic Names; Etc.)

Chapter Six: Baby Safety

Chapter Seven: Doctors, Nurses, and Other Medical Professionals

Chapter Eight: The Blessed Event (from Birth to C-Section to Aftercare to Breech Baby to Induction to Postpartum Issues/Depression to At-Home Birth; Etc.)

Chapter Nine: Sharing Baby (from Adjustment Issues to Separation Anxiety to Sibling Adjustment to Helping Pets Adjust to Baby; Etc.)

Chapter Ten: Daycare Options

Chapter Eleven: Bonding with Baby

Chapter Twelve: Feeding Your Baby - And Keeping Yourself Fit

Chapter Thirteen: Hitting the Road with Baby (from Places to Go, People to see to Feeding Your Traveling Bundle of Joy to Flying the Baby Friendly Skies; Etc.)

Chapter Fourteen: Getting Baby to Sleep

Chapter Fifteen: Working with Baby

Chapter Sixteen: Baby Games

Chapter Seventeen: Keeping the Records Straight

Chapter Eighteen: Cyber Babies



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